In 2016 a new Target and Performance Agreement was drawn up and signed between Météo-France and the State for the 2017-2021 period.

It is based on the assessment of the past five years, which have seen significant headway and achievements being made, from the roll-out of modernised observation systems to the setup of highly operational partnerships and services, not forgetting the new forecasting models and innovative solutions for communicating to our various audiences.

I would particularly like to thank Météo-France staff across the board, of whom a great deal is asked in a context where there is not much room for manoeuvre. They are all committed daily to accomplishing their mission with professionalism and conviction.

Immense challenges still lie ahead, at national and international level alike.
Our purpose, to support the population and the economy at a time when weather and climate sensitivity is taking on ever more importance, is now indisputable.

Year after year, we will therefore take great pride in demonstrating the valuable contribution we make to meeting these expectations, striving to satisfy everyone – citizens, public authorities and companies – as fully as possible.


Jean-Marc LACAVE

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