The year's weather
in mainland France...

Climate assesment

5th hottest year
since 1900

Average temperature

0.8°C above normal levels*

Average rainfall:

10% of deficit compared with normal levels*


consistent with normal levels**
across the country

Several very windy episodes

in January and February

*Average reference 1981-2010.   **Average reference 1991-2010.

Zeus, a remarkable storm

6-7 March (30% of the territory impacted by winds ≥ 100 km/h)

Heavy rain and snowfall
in Corsica

January and February

5 heatwaves

between 18 June and 6 August

The hottest March

since 1900

The 2nd hottest summer since 1900 

(with several heatwaves)

Records beaten in Southeast France at the beginning of August

Low rainfall
and exceptional soils drought

from May till November
on the Mediterranean regions

Weather warnings
Key figures


days of orange or red weather warnings

(5th position)


orange or red weather warnings,

record since 2002


annual occurrence records of
storms and strong winds

(22 and 15 events respectively)


rate of false alarms

at Département level


non-detection rate

at Département level


anticipation rate ≥ 3 hours

at Département level

... and Overseas

French Antilles-Guiana

A 2017 cyclone season particularly devastating:


major cyclones

Irma, José and Maria, 2 of which were particularly devastating: Irma (category 5) on 6th September and Maria (category 4) on 19th September


major hurricanes

(category ≥ 3)

and the Îles du Nord

Record rainfall episodes in September

due to devastating cyclones.

Following cyclone Maria, state of natural disaster declared

for the floods generated on all the communes of Guadeloupe and for the cyclonic winds on 16 communes among which Saintes islands.

Following cyclone Irma, state of natural disaster declared

for the cyclonic winds on the islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.

French Guiana

5th hottest year

Records of heat

in August and September (with the absolute record measured in Guiana in Cayenne: 35.2 °C on 11th September 2017).


5th hottest year

Bad weather

caused by the cyclone Maria (category 5), in the North of the island, on 18th September.

Following cyclone Irma, state of natural disaster declared

for the floods generated on 23 communes.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon

2 orange weather warnings

for violent winds phenomena in February and March

In Saint Pierre, the average of the average annual temperature

was 6.3 °C, higher than the normal over the 1981-2010 period, whose value is 5.7 °C

Mayotte and Réunion


The hottest year

before 2016 and 2015


The hottest year

placed equal to 2014

New Caledonia

The driest winter


during the second half of the year

5 cyclones

including Donna, which caused important damage

French Polynesia

4th hottest year

Many rainfall episodes

causing considerable damages, beating absolute records. State of natural disaster on the Société archipelago

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