Significant progress has been made within numerical weather prediction over the last decade. These developments have enabled Météo-France to acquire resources facilitating improved forecasting of dangerous weather phenomena and alerting of State services and users. This was particularly highlighted in 2017 by the succession of devastating hurricanes to have unfortunately hit the West Indies in September.

Efforts to modernise our observation and forecasting systems must be continued in order to deal with future extreme events. We must also promote the emergence of new technologies, economic approaches that are both agile and operational, and develop a range of services and partnerships for all; public authorities, businesses and citizens.

Moreover, these tasks fall within a general framework for State transformation. At the request of the President of the French Republic and Government, the approach is known as Action Publique 2022 and concerns Météo-France, as well as all public services. As such, we have drawn up a comprehensive project for 2018 in a participatory manner. It, too, must contribute to progress within the agency.

In this shifting context, I would especially like to congratulate the teams at Météo-France who have constantly mobilised themselves in order to provide the most accurate information and to enable State services to better predict hazardous situations.


Jean-Marc LACAVE

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