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Météo-France at a glance

Responding to State requirements and to the expectations of all citizens

Storm nowcasting in commercial aviation

Storm risk detection and prediction is one of the key components of assistance provided to the aeronautical sector ...

Météo-France’s expertise to the French Directorate General of Armements (DGA - Direction générale de l’armement)

The DGA has a critical mandate to lead weapons programmes for the armed forces.

In search of scientific and ​​​​​​​technological excellence

Extreme rainfall of increasing intensity in French Mediterranean regions

Episodes of heavy rainfall observed in Mediterranean regions feature amongst the most extreme weather events in mai...

Climatic assessment 2017

New coastal wave model for Réunion and Mayotte

A high-resolution configuration of the wave model, WaveWatch 3 (WW3) using an irregular grid, was deployed in Réun...

Active international cooperation

Meteosat’s 40th anniversary

On 23rd November 1977, the 1st European geostationary satellite, Meteosat-1, was launched from Cape Canaveral in Fl...